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VaCAP is excited to announce something fun for VaCAP members & friends on our mailing list.  So, we’re starting 2018 off with our FUN quarterly contest “POSTCARDS FROM THE ROAD”. 

Now, we all know in our years of appraising some of the funny, interesting, and unique things we have come across out on the road, and sometimes you just can’t explain it to anyone.  Hence the saying a picture is worth a thousand words.  VaCAP developed this idea to bring some FUN and laughter to our profession, which as we all know has its share of stress in today’s appraisal environment.  Participants can submit photos to the email address below and be entered to win the $25 Visa gift card for the winning photo for that quarter. 

The first deadline will be March 31st to submit photos and the winner will be announced April 10th.  The next deadline will be the following quarter with the winner to be announced 10 days thereafter. 

The eligibility rules for the contest are as follows:

NO interior photos will be eligible or considered.  We all know some of the funniest or strangest photos might be interior pictures but for our contest those are not eligible.  The only eligible photos are those that can or were taken from a PUBLIC location.  No photos with people in them will be eligible.  Photos from your own archives taken previously are eligible as well.  Please feel free to add your own brief description or caption. 

Let’s make this FUN!  Some of the photos will be shared once the contest is complete.  The winner and winning photo will be announced and posted by VaCAP with the winner receiving a $25 Visa gift card, or may apply their $25 winnings to their VaCAP annual membership fee for next year. 

Photos are to be submitted to the “POSTCARDS…” at

First Quarter 2018 Winners: 

VaCAP's "Postcards From The Road" Program has come to an end for the 1st quarter.  So many great photos were submitted it was difficult to pick a winner.  But after careful consideration...
The winner of the $25 Visa Gift Card is:

"The Beltway House" by Troy Kaster of Premier Home Appraisals.  Troy photographed this house on the Beltway that appears to have, well, just a bit too much square footage.  No reduced noise or traffic levels here.  Great photo Troy!

The runner up photo is "Yard Statues" submitted by Eric Arkfeld of Arkfeld Appraisals.  Eric was asked how much added value the statues were going to add.  We're guessing Eric's response was "Uhhh, none!"   Congratulations to Eric for his runner up photo submission.

And the bronze medal goes to Peggy Koehl of Koehl & Associates, Inc. who submitted "The Portal".  When Peggy inquired as to the unusual formation the response was "well, it's a time warp portal to another dimension" followed by a sly grin!  Congratulations to Peggy.

VaCAP thanks all who submitted their interesting "postcards from the road" and congratulations to Troy Kaster who will receive a $25 Gift Card courtesy of VaCAP!