AMC License Suspended

By | February 25, 2019

VaCAP has learned the North Carolina Appraisal Board has officially suspended the license of CoesterVMS. The Board cited 7 complaints  in which CoesterVMS failed to respond.  The CoesterVMS Surety Bond was previously cancelled in North Carolina  on 12/31/2018 and the claims against the bond exceed the face amount.

What is the point of suspending CoesterVMS’s license?

It will make it extremly difficult for CoesterVMS and the owner to obtaining a license to operate, not only in North Carolina, but every other state as well. Every state should follow the lead of North Carolina.

See the official suspension order here.

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One thought on “AMC License Suspended

  1. LayDeeTee

    Yes!! 👊🏻😀
    Sing it with me now…
    🎶🎶Another one bites the dust🎶🎶

    Also, appraisers will be using this situation as ammunition to work to modify & strengthen our state’s AMC Laws and Bond Requirements, so stay tuned.


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