Call to Action Now!

This is a CALL TO ACTION .  Please listen to Phil Crawford’s Voice of Appraisal Show released this morning. He has put out a call to action to every appraiser to write a letter of recommendation for VaCAP President Pat Turner to be appointed to the Appraisal Standards Board. Send your emails /letters of recommendations… Read More »

Phil Crawford and Voice of Appraisal

Phil Crawford has a new Voice of Appraisal Show out today. This is one of the best shows Phil has ever done.  He touches on issues with Bifurcation, Board competitors and even mentions VaCAP and our “Other Side of Things” article that received a lot of attention on Appraisers Blogs last week.   Phil encourages support… Read More »

VaCAP & NSAO Supports HR 3619

VaCap, along with 27 other state appraisal organizations signed a letter of support in favor of HR 3619.  HR3619 requires the disclosure of amc fees and the appraiser fee on closing statements of a mortgage loan, registration of appraisal trainees on the ASC registry, adds a representative of the Veterans Administration to ASC and authorizes… Read More »

The Other Side of Things

Appraisal Buzz published an article written by Joshua Walit on July 31, 2019 titled Nothing New Under the Sun: The Varied Face of Appraisal. The article brings up some good points, however; it does not take into account the reality of the market and the control of the lenders and appraisal management companies in the… Read More »

It was a Big Day for Appraisers

The Virginia Real Estate Appraiser Board met for its quarterly meeting yesterday. We are happy to report CoesterVMS no longer has a license to operate in Virginia. The Board voted to accept the consent order accepting the voluntary surrender of his license. The Board also passed a motion to draft legislation to be introduced into… Read More »

Past Due Invoices Again!

VaCAP has learned this afternoon that Atlantic1 Appraisal Management is 60 days past due on paying one of our members. As most of you may recall, Atlantic1 is associated with Mathew Moore, who has a history of not paying appraisers. There have been numerous articles and comments on this operation. Appraisers have the upper hand… Read More »

DOJ Investigates Big Tech

The Department of Justice announced yesterday they have initiated a review of anti- trust concerns with Big Tech Companies. From the Wall Street Journal article, the Federal Trade Commission and the Department of Justice collaborated on who would take the lead on this investigation. Also pointed out in the article, both the FTC and DOJ… Read More »

What’s Your Worth?

  A recent email circulated among appraisers from a large national appraisal management company stating recent market research of appraisal fees had been conducted and our fees will be changing. The email indicated that some fees increased and some decreased.   The email also gave instructions on placing your fee into their system and they will… Read More »

Why is this Important?

The next Virginia Real Estate Appraisal Board Meeting will be held on July 30th, 2019 @ 10:00 AM. This meeting will be a historic meeting as the board will be discussing the proposed hybrid appraisal guidance document and the corresponding 153 public comments. Also on the agenda, CoesterVMS is listed under the disciplinary cases! Why… Read More »

Umm – There is an Elephant in the Room.

Why is Greed Being Disguised as Economic Growth?  The National Credit Union Association passed the final rule increasing the threshold requiring an appraisal on commercial loans from $250,000 to $1,000,000. This greed is being disguised as economic growth and job creation.  More smoke and mirrors.    From the NCAU press release: “This rule is part of… Read More »