VaCAP Launches Consumer Protection Campaign

VaCAP is excited to launch a Consumer Protection Campaign! For months we prepped, we discussed, we negotiated, we wrote, we edited, we wrote some more, we edited some more…. finally, we recorded. We have three 60 second consumer protection announcements airing on WRVA 1140 News Radio starting on Monday April 29th.  The three consumer protection… Read More »

Selling Your Home?

Technology has changed the way we do many things in the world today. Buying and selling Real Estate is no different. We use internet sites and apps to search for homes, view photographs and observe neighborhood with satellite imagery. We obtain information on the local schools, community amenities and other statistics.  Many companies try to… Read More »

The Importance of an Appraiser

The Importance of an Appraiser Simply put, an appraiser is the only person within a real estate transaction that is unbiased and is not compensated based on a sale price or loan amount. Agents, lenders, and loan officers are all compensated based on a percentage of the loan amount or sale price. They have an… Read More »


VREAB Meeting The Virginia Real Estate Appraiser Board Meeting is scheduled for Wednesday May 1, 2019. Please note this is on a Wednesday, not Tuesday, like the other meetings. The Bifurcated Appraisal Guidance document is on the agenda to be discussed.  The meeting will be held at the usual location and start at 10:00 AM. Department… Read More »

Appraisers vs. Machines

Appraisers vs. Machines Collateral risk analysis (appraisals being a key element of that) is partially art, partially science.  Those two facets are blended inseparably, like a soup…the  ingredients can’t be separated.  While computers can undeniably perform certain tasks better than humans (such as the handling of large amounts of data) appraisers can perform other absolutely… Read More »

No Payment to Appraisers

Last week VaCAP shared information on Clarocity Corporation and how the main investor StableView Assets was seizing the shares and foreclosing on the working assets, which includes Clarocity Valuation Services.  StableView in turn had an agreement to sell Clarocity Valuation Services to I Look About. We warned to proceed with caution or do not proceed… Read More »

Judge Orders Quicken and DOJ/ HUD to Mediation

Going on  over three years now, the  law suit between the Department of Justice and HUD against Quicken Loans was ordered to mediation to settle prior to the upcoming trial start date. The allegation that is the center of the lawsuit,  concerns  loans Quicken submitted to FHA that  did not comply with HUD/ FHA requirements.… Read More »

We Are Excited to Share….

VaCAP is now on Twitter!  This is another step towards our consumer campaign. We will be writing and sharing articles on consumer protection for our members to share with their social media contacts. This is an easy way to educate the consumer on the importance of an independent appraiser. Be sure to like and follow… Read More »