Past Due Invoices Again!

By | July 26, 2019

VaCAP has learned this afternoon that Atlantic1 Appraisal Management is 60 days past due on paying one of our members. As most of you may recall, Atlantic1 is associated with Mathew Moore, who has a history of not paying appraisers. There have been numerous articles and comments on this operation.

Appraisers have the upper hand when dealing with clients. There are tools and resources we have at our disposable to check a companies history and with our peers. We all need to take advantage of them. 

First, check to make sure the company is properly registered or licensed to conduct business in your state. If they are not licensed, no need to go further, decline to work for any company not properly registered or licensed.You have no recourse if something goes wrong. 

Second, search the appraiser groups on Facebook for posts concerning the company. There are many comments, both positive and negative within these groups. They can be  helpful in deciding who to conduct business with.  If no results, ask the groups. You will get responses.

Third, search Appraisersblogs and Appraiser Forum for stories and comments. If the company has a reputation, someone has most likely written about it.

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One thought on “Past Due Invoices Again!

  1. Mark J Skapinetz

    He’s been at this for years. I have a lot of info on this guy. Closes down one AMC owing money to opening and closing another owing money. This has gone on for years with him. Atlantic 1 has a virtual office in Miami. Matt more still lives in PA. He’s also doing orders illegally in states as well. Make sure he’s actually licensed to do work in your state. I’ve had numerous run ins with him. He’s just as bad as Coester.


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