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Welcome to VaCAP

Welcome to VaCAP VaCAP works to promote the appraisal profession and its image to elected and appointed public officials in the Commonwealth of Virginia, the users of appraisal services, and the general public. VaCAP initiates discussion and analysis of issues affecting professional appraisers and monitors the actions of State governmental bodies with the intent to… Read More »

Breaking: LREAB vs FTC Decision is in!

The decision by the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals has been released to the public. ” For the foregoing reasons, the petition is DISMISSED for lack of jurisdiction.” The way we understand the next step, the case will go back as an adminstrative proceeding through the FTC, See the nine page decision:  http://www.ca5.uscourts.gov/opinions/pub/18/18-60291-CV0.pdf   VaCAP… Read More »

Liar – Liar

The Consumer is Being Feed Yet Another Lie! Remember when we heard an Appraisal Waiver will save the borrower money? Do you recall all those videos from loan officers and mortgage companies encouraging borrowers to obtain an appraisal waiver to save them money?  News Flash –  they lied! But you all ready knew that. Well, … Read More »

AMC License Suspended

VaCAP has learned the North Carolina Appraisal Board has officially suspended the license of CoesterVMS. The Board cited 7 complaints  in which CoesterVMS failed to respond.  The CoesterVMS Surety Bond was previously cancelled in North Carolina  on 12/31/2018 and the claims against the bond exceed the face amount. What is the point of suspending CoesterVMS’s… Read More »

Zillow vs Redfin; Which is more accurate?

VaCAP President Pat Turner was quoted in a syndicated article by Ken Harney. The article  compares the accuracy of Zillow and Redfin’s automated valuation models.  Now we all know a licensed appraiser is the best source of an accurate value, but we must be honest, AVM’s are being used each and every day. VaCAP encourages… Read More »

Worthy of Reposting and Sharing

AppraisersBlogs has published an article this morning that is worthy of sharing.  The article highlights a reason lenders want automated values and not appraisers.  The reason may surprise you.   Check it out for yourself.  While you are there, please show AppraiserBlogs how much you appreciate their dedication to the profession by clicking a few Google… Read More »

Why? – Just Why?

    Why? – Just Why?   Some people are leaders. Some people are followers. Some are takers and some are givers.  We are all different and we all contribute to society in different ways. By now you are probably wondering where the heck are we going with this. No it is not about stepping… Read More »

Imaginary Friend or a New Dance?

What is VaCAP President Pat Turner doing?  Greeting an Imaginary Friend? A New Line Dance?   VaCAP’s conference dinner was held last Thursday in Springfield, VA  after the first day of Stats Graphs and Data Science by George Dell. VaCAP would like to thank George Dell and Cyndi Law for travelling across country to be… Read More »