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Welcome to VaCAP

Welcome to VaCAP VaCAP works to promote the appraisal profession and its image to elected and appointed public officials in the Commonwealth of Virginia, the users of appraisal services, and the general public. VaCAP initiates discussion and analysis of issues affecting professional appraisers and monitors the actions of State governmental bodies with the intent to… Read More »

The New Normal

Ok appraisers let us be blunt about the Covid -19 Virus. It is serious and no one should be ignoring all the warnings. We could learn a thing or two from other countries that have experienced the outbreak prior to us. Fannie, Freddie, HUD and VA have all altered their appraisal requirements as a result… Read More »

Appraisers Pandemic World

Everyone, not just appraisers is getting bombarded with information on Covid-19. So much of the information differs, it is hard to know what is real, hype or hysteria. So much has been shared within the appraisal groups on social media that there are more conversations about Covid-19 then appraisals. VaCAP is a volunteer organization of… Read More »

Crazy Dumb Things

Well who said 2020 would be a nice calm year for appraisers?  VaCAP has been receiving messages from appraisers about some of the crazy dumb stuff lenders and amcs are doing. What is scary is the things we are hearing are very reminiscent of 12-15 years ago. A long time VaCAP member forwarded an appraisal… Read More »

Appraisal Organizations Step Up

Over the past week or so, Presidential Candidate Joe Biden publicly called for more regulation and oversight over appraisers to combat racial bias.  He specifically cited the Brookings Institute Study ” The Devaluation of Assets in Black Neighborhoods, The Case of Residential Property”  If you are unfamiliar with this study, in a nutshell, the findings… Read More »

Great News to Share

Last week we shared with you Congresswoman Maxine Waters and  Congressman William Lacy Clay requested a formal study/investigation into Title XI (FIRREA) and the recent dilution of its intent by the Federal Agencies. VaCAP has learned GAO has agreed to complete the study. The Network of State Coalitions has sent the following to their state… Read More »

Breaking: Appraisal Concerns in the Spotlight in DC

Congresswoman Maxine Waters and  Congressman William Lacy Clay request a formal study/investigation into  Title XI (FIRREA) and the recent dilution of its intent by the Federal Agencies. The letter to  Gene Dodaro, Comptroller General, Government Accountability Office, addresses threshold increases, regulatory exemptions, appraisal waivers, the North Dakota appraiser certification waiver and evaluations in lieu of… Read More »

VREAB Meeting with CE Credit

The Virginia Real Estate Appraisal Board meets tomorrow February 11th @ 10:00 AM. The meeting will be held at the DPOR offices located at 9960 Mayland Dr Suite 200 Richmond, VA 23233.  There will be a public comment period allowing anyone to address the board with questions, comments or concerns. There are lots of changes… Read More »

A Huge Thank You

VaCAP wishes to thank all those who supported our education by attending the 7 hour USPAP Update Classes, “USPAP on Steroids with Maureen Sweeney” in Virginia Beach and Abingdon. Despite the massive rain,wind, flooded roadways, fallen trees and snow, both classes were a huge success! We are grateful for your support, trust. and dedication. It goes… Read More »

Hybrids and the State Appraisal Board

Some are for and some are opposed. It is a business decision on which types of assignments you choose to accept.  If you choose to complete a hybrid or bifurcated appraisal, you need to pay attention and ask yourself a few questions.  Is the fee I am receiving for completing this assignment reasonable for the … Read More »

AMC Sucker Punches Appraisers

  Class Valuation sucker punches appraisers! Class Valuations has been celebrating completing 1,000,000 orders and sent a Tweet thanking their clients and staff. There is no mention of the boots on the ground licensed professional appraisers who actually completed those appraisals. Is this the true feelings of Class Valuations? Do they not realize not one… Read More »