There are several ways to help the initiatives of VaCAP

Advocacy is a huge part of VaCAP’s missions to educate the public, create a support system among appraisers in Virginia and to help create legislation that is better protects the public and appraisal profession.

If you are interested, please visit the following pages:

  • Press Releases: Sharing these with your local opinion leaders and
  • Hold a Postion: VaCAP has several volunteer opportunities and ways to help our organization. Check out this page for ways you can become involved.
  • Events: Attendance at events are critical for several of VaCAP’s initiatives. Please visit this page for upcoming events.

More Information:

By becoming a member, you will join our network of appraisal professionals and will be able to support our cause with online petitions, membership and access to our forum. Please check out “How to Join” today.