Get Involved

Start Strengthening the Appraiser Profession Today

There are several ways to get involved with VaCAP. Here are some of the opportunities available to prospective members, current members, and the general population:

Ways to Participate

  • Attend Events
  • Distribute Press Releases and Petitions
  • Meet with Legislators to discuss ways to protect the public trust and the appraisal profession
  • Educate the public through conversation, written and social medias
  • Donate to VaCAP
  • Join VaCAP: By Joining VaCAP, you gain access to a network of experiences appraisers and information to better assist your profession. When a member, you can help VaCAP by running for office, serving on a committee, recruiting new members, and disseminating information to the public and other appraisers via social networking, newspapers, word-of-mouth, professional relationships, etc.

Benefits of VaCAP Membership

  • Access to a network of professional appraisers
  • Firsthand knowledge of the legislative issues impacting the appraisal profession
  • Gain valuable leadership skills by holding an office. serving on a committee
  • The ability to stand together as a common voice to protect the people of Virginia
  • The satisfaction of knowing you can make a difference