Why the Coalition?

There are three main reasons why Appraiser Professionals in Virginia can benefit from joining together:


A single voice can more easily be ignored than many voices with a single message.  Representatives of organizations, coalitions, etc. tend to have greater opportunity to present their message to those in positions of control than individuals.  A coalition gives many appraisers who have similar issues a better chance to have their concerns heard and heeded.


One man or woman can certainly do extraordinary things.  History is full of people who demonstrate this.  But teamwork is the fulcrum that allows the coordinated effort of a few to lift up many.  The time when successful appraisers competed based on the quality of their service and the reliability of their report product are sadly gone. Voluntary teamwork allows us to achieve maximum impact without sacrificing our independence.  The Coalition provides a platform for appraisers to join with others on specific issues they care about without being dragged into other issues that do not impact them as greatly.


Communication with people who share the same ultimate professional goals provides for the absorption of ideas and improvement of skills.  We sharpen each other’s skills when we share information about our experiences, ask for advice, and inquire about the laws and regulations that drive our business.  We improve the public’s ability to make informed financial decisions regarding their property when we can correctly and concisely describe the lending system and environment.  We increase the likelihood of favorable legislation and regulation when we educate voters about the impact their choice of representatives  has on the housing market directly and eventually their own financial situation.

More Information:

If you are interested in joining our Coalition, please visit our “How to Join” page as well as our “Get Involved” page to see what opportunities there are within the organization.