Imaginary Friend or a New Dance?

By | February 13, 2019

What is VaCAP President Pat Turner doing? 

Greeting an Imaginary Friend?

A New Line Dance?


VaCAP’s conference dinner was held last Thursday in Springfield, VA  after the first day of Stats Graphs and Data Science by George Dell.

VaCAP would like to thank George Dell and Cyndi Law for travelling across country to be part of our conference. The education provided was excellent and very much on point for the direction of the industry.  George and Cyndi have been great partners in coordinating all the components. If you were unable to attend Stats Graphs and Data Science in Springfield,  please check out their website for other dates and locations.  Thank you George and Cyndi!

John Russell, the Senior Director of Government Relations and Business Development for the American Society of  Appraisers, was our guest speaker. John spoke of the changing appraisal environment. His question, “Are appraisers at their Highest and Best Use,” was a prelude into” Loving the Consumer.”   Somewhere in between, John touched on fighting regulations, what lenders want, the proposed increase of the minimum threshold and getting involved more with VaCAP and other appraisal organizations.

John has been a great advocate for independent appraisers and a supporter of Public Trust. He has traveled to Virginia to attend legislative sessions in support of pending legislation. He has attended Virginia Real Estate Appraisal Board Meetings, Housing Commission Meetings and written numerous letters on behalf of Virginia appraisers. Don’t misunderstand, John is also supportive of the Network of State Appraiser Organizations and other state coalitions as well.

VaCAP thanks John for participating in our conference and all the support he has given us. Thank you John!

Now for what Pat Turner is actually doing in the photo above…

Well if you know Pat, he is passionate about the appraisal profession and he could be doing just about anything.  In the photo above, Pat is actually giving a speech. The podium however, is about 15 feet to his left.  Pat talked about VaCAP of course; specifically,  how far we have come. He thanked each of us for being part of VaCAP and encouraged more involvement.  Along the way, he discussed the current appraisal landscape, and like John, encouraged everyone to be the best you can be. Seek better clients that appreciate our expertise and value our services.

VaCAP thanks everyone who attended our first conference in conjunction with continuing education.  Everyone had a good time, learned a lot and got to catch up with fellow colleagues.

Thank you for being part of VaCAP!



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  1. James M Loizou

    What VaCAP continues to accomplish on both state-wide and national levels is amazing. The conference dinner last week was excellent. John Russell, of ASA, is a strong advocate for all appraisers. Our voices are finally being heard, but we need to do more to support these two groups who are working so successfully on our behalf. Thank you VaCAP and ASA!

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