Clarocity Cites Government Shut Down as Reason for Late Payments

By | February 10, 2019

Clarocity Cites Possible Upcoming Government Shutdown as Excuse to Delay Payments to Appraisers!


From our Sister Coalition in Mississippi:

“BEWARE if you accept any orders from Clarocity. I got a call from one of our members today telling me that Clarocity is citing the upcoming government shutdown as a reason appraisers may not get paid timely on the orders they are currently sending out. ”

Is this FAKE NEWS? 

Well maybe it is.  The financials of Clarocity tell a very different story.

Clarocity Stock May 31, 2002 through February 8, 2019

Regardless of the reason Clarocity states payments may be late to appraisers, VaCAP has been warning appraisers about the financial stability of Clarocity for a while. If you choose to do business with Clarocity, we encourage you to take what ever precautions necessary to ensure payment within 30 days as our state law requires.