Don’t Even Think About It!

By | October 25, 2019

Don’t even consider taking the 2020-2021 USPAP 7 Hour Update Class Yet! 

VaCAP has been working behind the scenes to bring USPAP to Virginia like we never had before!

We are sponsoring not one, but two USPAP events. Yes that’s right, these are not USPAP classes, they are USPAP EVENTS! 

February 5th in Virginia Beach, VA and February 7th in Abingdon, VA 

We don’t want to release all the details just yet because we are still finalizing them, but as a little tease,

Food, Entertainment, Education and all wrapped up in one event. 

Please plan on joining use at one of these events. 


Thank You for Supporting and Being Part of VaCAP!


2 thoughts on “Don’t Even Think About It!

  1. Ron Dame

    This sounds interesting, is your course approved in NC?

  2. VaCAP Board Post author

    Our plan is to have the course approved in the bordering states. We will provide more details as they are finalized.

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