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By | October 28, 2019

As most of you know, VaCAP is on social media. We have Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter accounts. We have many followers on each of these social media sites. Our communications are also posted on these accounts, sent via email and many are re-posted on appraisersblogs as well. This is one of the reasons we have become known nationally. If you are not following us and other reputable appraiser related organizations/ forums, you are missing out on some great communication.

Here are two great bits of information that have been posted by our followers and shared with appraisers. 

Appraisersblogs has posted a blog article about the new nationwide appraisal origination for USDA appraisals. Convoluted does not begin to describe the new process. USDA has always been through direct engagement. National ordering has now been placed with a company called Verdi Consulting. Verdi Consulting is not registered with DPOR as an appraisal management company in Virginia.

What is by far more concerning is Verdi Consulting has subcontracted all functions to Clarocity Valuation Services. VaCAP and other sources have shared significant information concerning Clarocity’s financial situation over the past few years and has even shared reports from our members for non payment. Appraisersblogs has even more information concerning Clarocity’s situation. 

USDA has been a good client for most of appraisers. The blog article on appraisersblogs encourages everyone to contact USDA and share your dissatisfaction.See today’s blog article here. 

Another great piece of information that was shared by one of our followers on LinkedIn concerns the monopoly of CoreLogic and a lengthy comment to the FTC concerning them.  VaCAP guest author Ace Appraiser wrote My Day as an Appraiser concerning the control CoreLogic has in the profession in March of 2017 and it went nationwide on appraisersblogs. It  made its rounds through social media as well. 

See the comment to the FTC here. and the VaCAP article here. 

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