Grab a Glass and Celebrate!

By | January 20, 2019

Happy Anniversary to the Network of State Appraisal Organizations!

Five years ago this week Appraisers from VaCAP, NCREAA and SCPAC met and the Network was formed.

It has now grown to 30 organizations. Appraisers have a strong voice!

1000% growth in five years!

Washington, Georgia (AGREA), Georgia (GCAP), Arizona, Arkansas, California (REAA), Californa (CCAP), Nevada,Delaware, Idaho, Illinois, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, Michigan, Mississippi, New York, North Carolina, North Dakota, Northern Colorado, Ohio, Oklahoma, Rhode Island, Southern Arizona, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Utah, Virginia, West Virginia

Support your state appraisal organizations.  We are supporting you!

From VaCAP’s archives: 

Three Grassroot State Appraisal Organizations Meet

January 17, 2014

Greensboro, NC – Officers of three contiguous, grassroot appraisal organizations met today, taking the next step in unifying the Nation’s working real estate appraisers in order to address common goals and concerns facing the profession.

Representatives of The Virginia Coalition of Appraisal Professionals (VACAP), The South Carolina Professional Appraisal Coalition (SCPAC) and The North Carolina Real Estate Appraiser Association (NCREAA) met in Greensboro, North Carolina and discussed topics ranging from Fannie Mae’s activities regarding appraisers to the focus of The Appraisal Foundation on the profession and the day to day business of appraising.

Ideas and experiences were shared on the true concerns of working appraisers, what each entity has done to organize and what they have achieved in their respective states.

The three organizations have pledged to work together on future issues, not only to help each other with their individual challenges, but also on broader issues that affect all appraisers in all states.

“Standing together on issues will strengthen the working appraiser’s voice, steering the profession towards practical and common sense reforms. A unified effort will also demonstrate the gravity and substance to the concerns we raise, making them more difficult to ignore.”

There are no plans on creating any new, larger organization, only an effort to unite, network and work together. Other grassroot appraisal organizations will be welcome to participate in any future communications and efforts.

3 thoughts on “Grab a Glass and Celebrate!

  1. Tammie Daughety

    5 years, 30 state appraiser organizations and we ARE making a difference! Thanks VaCAP for posting this! We should all be proud of the work we’ve done and the progress we’ve made in such a short time. And we’ve only just begun!
    Tammie Daughety
    NCREAA Secretary 2019

    1. VaCAP Board

      Thanks Tammie. Please feel free to share our post.

  2. Eric Morse

    Michigan (MCAP) is honored to stand alongside these great organizations.

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