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By | June 6, 2019

VaCAP Membership Renewal Time

Your Membership to VaCAP is expiring on June 30, 2019. New member and renewal yearly dues remain at $84 per year.  VaCAP represents Virginia appraisers as one of the leading coalitions within the Network of State Appraisal Organizations, currently 31 members strong. We are members of the Appraisal Foundation Advisory Council, attend meetings of the Association of Appraiser Regulatory Officials and attend State Appraisal Board Meetings. We initiate and lobby for legislative actions when necessary and meet with State and Federal Representatives on relevant issues concerning the profession.

Perhaps the most noticed benefit of VaCAP is our communication. We regularly send out information to our members and others in our database on issues important to the profession. We  continue to update our Facebook page, LinkedIn page and have recently established a Twitter account. Our communications have been called “cutting edge and extremely timely” by several other appraisal organizations. Although our communications are copywritten, we encourage everyone to share, just give VaCAP credit please. 

Once again, membership can be renewed online from our website. We have streamlined the application and provided a direct link for payment.

Renew your VaCAP membership here.


VaCAP Giving Back to the Community

VaCAP is participating with Dast2Dast Inc. to provide dinner for the homeless on June 22nd, 2019. The dinner will take place a the Baileys Crossroads Community Shelter, 3525 Moncure Ave, Falls Church, VA 22041

Dast2Dast Inc is a non profit organization founded by VaCAP member Desiree Mehbod. Desiree is a Certified Residential Appraiser and the owner of Appraisers Blogs, Desiree contributes so much of her time and resources to others, it is time to give back. 

VaCAP and Dast2Dast need help with:

  • Purchasing prepared food items 
  • Cooking Frozen Prepared Foods (Lasagna, Vegetables, etc) 
  • Food Preparation (slicing fruits, salads., etc. ) 
  • Serving

VaCAP will cover the cost of the items, we just need people to help with the event.

Hours needed on June 22nd are from 5:00 PM to 6:30 PM.  This event has been postponed until the fall. 

To learn more about Dast2Dast, check our their website.

To offer financial support to Dast2Dast, click here.

To volunteer your time and resources, please click here 

Once signed up, VaCAP will get with everyone to coordinate the functions.


Don’t Forget to Post Your Comments Concerning the Guidance Document on Hybrid Appraisals. 

A hybrid appraisal proposed guidance document has been posted for public comment.

As most of you know, hybrid or bifurcated appraisals are a very controversial topic currently. Virginia statutes and regulations have language which gives many of us pause on the compliance of hybrid appraisals as they are being presented in the industry. The Board has published a proposed guidance document in the hopes to clarify the language in our laws. Unfortunately, the proposed guidance document falls short of providing any meaningful guidance or clarification.

Per Virginia statute, the document has been published on Virginia Legislative Town Hall for public comments. At the end of the comment period, it is our understanding the Virginia Real Estate Appraisal Board will have an opportunity to revise the document prior to it being adopted by the Board for publication.

VaCAP has posted the comments below as an organization, however, we encourages each of you to add your own comments about the proposed hybrid guidance document as well. Take the time to really analyze the statutes and regulations that are impacted and make sure any doubt of compliance is addressed in your comments. 

Public trust is at the forefront and consumer input is imperative. Please have a conversation with your friends and neighbors about hybrid or bifurcated appraisals. Ask them to comment. Not one consumer we are aware of has thought a hybrid of bifurcated appraisal was a good idea!

The comments are limited to 3,000 characters and the comment period ends on June 26, 2019. You can access the Proposed Guidance Document and comment here. 


The District of Columbia Public Meeting on Appraisal Management Company Regulations.

Take some time to listen to what is being said at this meeting. We are so glad there were Boots on the Ground Appraisers to counter the AMC comments! 


RAC Conference 2019 & Educational Opportunity September 19-20

Hilton Granite Park, Plano Texas

Join the best appraisers in the country as they discuss current and future factors and influences on the domestic housing market, including:

  • What’s All the Buzz about Appraisal Modernization? Lyle Radke, Fannie Mae
  • Appraising After A Disaster with Joe Mier, Joseph Mier & Associates
  • The Rating Game with Rob Johnson, Altair Global

Additional educational opportunities:  RAC will present the Worldwide ERC® Relocation Appraisal Training Program* the afternoon of September 18th at the Hilton Granite Park.  Registration and course details will follow.

*This course is based on the Worldwide ERC® Appraisal Summary Report and Worldwide ERC® Relocation Appraisal Guide and content has been reproduced with the permission of Worldwide ERC®.

To access the flyer for the conference and education, click here

RAC is a national organization of independent appraisers who specialize in relocation and complex residential appraisals.  This organization is dedicated to improving the professionalism and knowledge of the appraisal industry.  Learn more here.