Which End of the Tape?

By | June 11, 2019

This guy wanted to help one of our members measure a house.

From the angry homeowner who is chasing you because you took a picture of his house to unwanted helpers like the guy in the picture, we never know what we will encounter out in the field. This time of year, snakes and other “helpers” are out and about and squirrels, raccoons and bats are finding quiet nesting spots in attics and eaves. Safety while in the field is something we take for granted and we all need to more aware of our surroundings. 

Some basic safety tips to refresh your memory:

    1. Before leaving, make sure someone knows where you are going.  This can be done with a calendar invite, GPS tracking, etc.
    2. When pulling up to the subject, look around.Who do you see? Are there people that make you feel uncomfortable? 
    3. When getting out of the car, take your street scene photos in all directions.  You would be surprised what a photo captures that we don’t see.
    4. Take your phone with you. Don’t leave it in the car.
    5. Don’t enter a home alone. Always have the agent or homeowner meet you.
    6. If you must enter a home alone, lock the door behind you once you enter. 
    7. When measuring the home, always check the landscaping for hazards.
    8. On a hill or slope, be aware of how muddy the soil is. Nothing is worse than sliding down a muddy hill at your first appointment of the day. 
    9. When accessing attics or crawl spaces, make some noise to scare off any ” helpers ” that might be waiting.
    10. Always shine your flashlight around the attic or crawl space prior to entering. You would be surprised how a simple flash light will reflect two eyes looking at you.
    11. When leaving a property, look around, who do you see? Anyone watching?

Update to the Baileys Crossroads Community Shelter Dinner with Dast2Dast. 

VaCAP would like to thank all those who signed up to prepare and serve dinner at the Baileys Crossroad Community Shelter on June 22nd. Unfortunately do to some scheduling issues, this event has been postponed until the fall.


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