VaCAP Launches Consumer Protection Campaign

By | April 29, 2019

VaCAP is excited to launch a Consumer Protection Campaign!

For months we prepped, we discussed, we negotiated, we wrote, we edited, we wrote some more, we edited some more…. finally, we recorded.

We have three 60 second consumer protection announcements airing on WRVA 1140 News Radio starting on Monday April 29th.  The three consumer protection announcements will air randomly throughout the day for two weeks. WRVA 1140 News Radio live streams through and iHeart Radio so anyone can tune in and listen. The consumer protection announcements will refer listeners to VaCAP’s website  for more information where we have added a consumer page. This page has articles directly relating to consumer protection and consumer education.

Click on the topics to listen to our announcements.

The Importance of an Appraisal

 Protect Your Largest Investment

Raising the Appraisal Threshold


In addition to the consumer protection announcements:

VaCAP  President Pat Turner will be a guest on The Home Show with Richard McKann, Saturday May 4th from 7:30 to 8:00 AM Eastern time. The discussion will focus mainly on consumer protection, however listeners can call in with questions, so the conversation could go anywhere.  This too can be lived streamed through and iHeart Radio. 


 This is just the beginning of greater things to come!






2 thoughts on “VaCAP Launches Consumer Protection Campaign

  1. John Osipchak

    We need this to air on WTOP. Its the station up in Washington DC.

  2. Donna H

    EVERY state and national national should be doing this! Thank you VaCap!

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