Worthy of Reposting and Sharing

By | February 20, 2019

AppraisersBlogs has published an article this morning that is worthy of sharing.  The article highlights a reason lenders want automated values and not appraisers.  The reason may surprise you.   Check it out for yourself.  While you are there, please show AppraiserBlogs how much you appreciate their dedication to the profession by clicking a few Google ads.

Another good story that recently hit the streets: Ex-Fannie Mae Employee Found Guilty of Multi-Million Dollar Scheme Involving Property Listings and Approval of Below-Market Sales.  Read the entire article here. 

As a reminder, watch your receivables. There are posts on social media indicating AMC’s are late in payments with little correspondence.  There have been several AMCs that have ceased operations over the past few weeks and we suspect more will be forthcoming.

It is perfectly acceptable to require payment prior to or upon delivery. Protect your income!

Thank you for being part of VaCAP!