AMC being sued for Bifurcation

By | April 12, 2019

AMC being sued for Bifurcation!

VaCAP was forwarded an article this afternoon by one of our members.  The article from Foreclosurepedia is dated August 15, 2018 and concerns a class action law suit filed by property inspectors. ServiceLink Field Services, a division of ServiceLink is being sued for misclassifying employees.

From the complaint filed in the Superior Court of California, ServiceLink is being accused of not paying a minimum wage, not paying inspectors all wages owed, not providing inspectors timely paid rest periods and timely unpaid meal periods of sufficient length as required by law,  not reimbursing inspectors for business related expenses,  not paying inspectors additional pay for rest period and meal period violations as required by law,  not providing inspectors with itemized wage statements, and not providing paid sick leave as required by law.

We expect to see more law suits like this forthcoming and as consumers learn of these practices, lenders will also be on the receiving end of lawsuits. See the article and court filing here. 


North Dakota Responds to the ASC for More Information on Their Appraisal Waiver Request.

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