Giving to VaCAP

By | December 3, 2019

For the past several years, VaCAP, a non profit organization, has participated in the Giving Tuesday Campaign.  If you are unfamiliar with this movement, it is the Tuesday after Thanksgiving which is dedicated to giving to non profit organizations. VaCAP is appreciative of all the donations received throughout the year and to those who have set up monthly donations through PayPal. Every bit helps,. Thank you!

Our annual dues of $84 is a minimal amount of money and allows us to cover expenses. We do not have employees and all of our volunteers take time away from their families and appraisal businesses. Fortunately, our efforts lobbying for the profession are paying off. The work VaCAP has accomplished along with the Network of State Coalitions, is gaining recognition is Washington as well as here in the Virginia Legislature.  As most of you are aware, travelling to attend meeting and making connections with our Legislative Representatives takes time and money. 

Additionally, VaCAP members have asked for education. This too, takes time and money. Our minimal membership dues simply does not cover this any longer. In order to keep our membership dues low, we ask for your help in filling the gap so we can continue to promote the appraisal profession.

Just as important, if not more than a financial contribution, a contribution of your time is also needed.  VaCAP leaders have been their positions for several terms and we need new leaders to step up and continue to lead VaCAP into the future.

To learn more about Giving to VaCAP, visit our website. 



Thank You for Being Part of VaCAP!