Call To Comment

By | July 8, 2021

A Call to Comment has been issued.

The FTC is asking for public comments on the consent decree by the Louisiana Real Estate Appraisal Board. The time line to comment is short and ends on July 22, 2021. VaCAP asks each of you to take a few minutes and read the consent decree as well as the analysis provided by the FTC before commenting. 

The link for the Federal Register that contains all the information can be found here. The pdf version is below.


The Veterans Administration is looking for Appraisers:.  A VaCAP member has asked us to share the following email:

VA Panel


AMC Disciplinary Action Snowballs into Multiple States

US Real Estate Services Inc was disciplined in Utah for a violation of Utah Regulations and it snowballed into disciplinary action in four additional states, including Virginia. Will other states follow?  See the Virginia case below. US Real Estate Services 



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